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[i came online to say that i’m remaking and i find that people are literally still following cg. i. what.

why would you start following an archive blog. do u ever just.????]

CGB: bonerkill and despair.: CGB "CG" Strider and Pinocchio "Pinna" Strider have been deactivated. 


They’ve had a good run.

In six months, they amassed nearly 900 followers. That counts for something, right?

But for personal reasons, these two twindroids are being shut down for good.

And we’re all sorry to see them go.

Current list of available characters: John, Dave, Davesprite,…


The bots will no longer be a part of the Androidstuck AU, and this blog won’t be used unless I decide to bring it back someday.

10,500 posts, 900 followers, and 6 months is a good run, but now CG and PInna are being laid to rest.

If you need me, you can find my skype and other roleplay blogs here.


((understood….before seb was what he is now, and before I resetted him I’d make post after post after post to interact with someone till I did what you’re talking about now and all……so hopefully this’ll have the same thing happen- though I’m sorry about the lack of interactions on your part :( ))

yeah i understand

i mean

10,500 posts, 900 followers, 6 months and a fictional wedding?

this blog did well and im proud of the blog

but putting it out to pasture wont be so bad haha

anotherstrider said: Well. I hope you find another character to keep you going and that you could always go back to it even if you just become an alt off of an AU.

i actually have another androidstuck blog

and some others too

but idk i just dont feel these guys anymore yknow

like i said to sebmun i might come back someday if the slot is still open and just bring pinna up

because cg didnt become like i wanted him to

he ended up being so ooc thanks to his experiences that i really just dont like him

but yeah

mechanicalrabbit said: (( :( deleted?…I wish this blog wasn’t because I enjoy watching from the sidelines and getting a good laugh at somehing funny Pinna said but….only do it if you’re really sure….))

ahh i understand

i think i might just make it inactive in case one day i feel like maybe restarting it up or if i just want to look over it again

but i dont have a lot of fun on this blog anymore! and with school starting up again i dont know if ill even have time to run this

even with karquiznos on hiatus and karkinses a bit inactive

maybe if the spot is still open after awhile later

ill bring it back with just pinna

but its hard to have fun on a blog no one wants to interact with

anotherstrider said: Are you ok with this, or what?

im p ok with it

tbh theres not a lot of use keeping this thing running when its just a dead blog taking up a slot on the group roster

this blog has had a really good run and i think i might keep it up just for old times sake

like “hey look its the thing that started the whole au”

but no im not going to be using this blog anymore not at all

fishgirloutofwater said: ((If you want to go ahead but??? Why exactly))

((hhhhh i’ve been thinking about it for a while but

i just dont enjoy this blog like i used to??? people dont want to talk to them anymore and i have to force myself to come on nowadays

cgs lost most of his friends anyhow and these muses

didnt exactly end up like i wanted them to

so all in all i think its about time i close up shop with cg and pinna? ill still be on as dave though (i still owe you a starter there too oops)))


this blog is going to be deleted tomorrow.

if there are any objections, speak now or forever hold your peace.